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To see the road ahead, sometimes you have to look back. And when you do, you can accomplish the amazing. In reflection, we can begin to shape the future of arts and heritage in our city together. This is where we find each other. In the great Edmonton arts and heritage experiences we’ve shared over the years. And in sharing ideas on how to make them even better in the future.

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Rooted in Indigenous tradition, lobsticks were used to mark significant locations.

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Latest Stories & Visions

Edmonton Folk Music Festival puts down deep roots

Gallagher Park

I wasn't at the very first Edmonton Folk Music Festival held in the summer of 1980. No, my first experience…

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Finding Love Through Music

11234 117 St NW

In 1996, both my now husband and I were chosen to write a symphonic work for the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra…

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Coding my first computer game

The Carrot

After years of half-started projects, in 2017 I decided that I was going to code and complete a computer…

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Mandolin Cafe


The mandolin holds a special place in my heart and in the community of highlands. It's warm, welcoming…

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