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Question 4

Breaking down the notion that ‘working in the arts is accepting a passionate life in poverty’ has come up a lot. Making it possible for artists and heritage practitioners to live and create and make a living is on our minds. If you had the power to bring one idea to life to make this happen, what would it be?

Answer Themes

Some key ideas we received in response to question 4 include:

  • Rethink what it means to support arts and heritage
  • Change our understanding of what it means to support this vital part of our community and valuable portion of our economy
  • Create a best practices policy for all Alberta arts and heritage practioners

Question 3

We’ve heard Edmontonians say that Arts and Heritage are central to our collective quality of life in the City and that this 10-year plan needs to think about the interrelatedness of civic planning, urban design and arts and heritage. Share your city building idea that you want us to hear.

Answer Themes

Some key ideas we received in response to question 3 include:

  • Invest in building more multipurpose spaces
  • Integrate arts and heritage activities and spaces into public buildings, schools, etc.
  • Invest in more multidiscipline art spaces that feature all areas of multicultural arts and heritage activities, art forms and events

Question 2

“Art and heritage are for everyone” is a theme we’ve been hearing often. If you could bring one idea to life that would create a greater level of engagement in our arts and heritage ecosystem, what would it be?

Answer Themes

Some key ideas we received in response to Question 2 include:

  • Broaden the promotion to a greater diversity of target audiences 
  • Create a central website that lists arts and heritage activities, events, artist profile, etc.
  • Create an app that informs users of arts and heritage activities, artist profiles, events and a map of locations and landmarks throughout the city

Question 1

The need for greater diversity represented throughout the arts and heritage systems in Edmonton keeps coming up. If you could change one thing over the next 10-years to bring greater diversity to arts and heritage, what would that be?

Answer Themes

Some key themes we received in response to Question 1 include:

  • Create an all encompassing database and/or informational website that lists all events, artists, venues and anything else related to arts and heritage in the city
  • Rethink and clarify the definition of ‘professional artist’ and what this term means to all sectors and individuals living in our city
  • Deconstruct the rigidity of current programs and rethink the long term goals of cross-cultural projects, allowing for long term partnership development

We appreciate everyone's valuable and thoughtful insights.

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