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Finding Love Through Music

Shared by Rachel Johnson Finding Love Through Music Photo

In 1996, both my now husband and I were chosen to write a symphonic work for the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra when we were 17 years old. We both composed music as part of the Young Composers Project under John Estacio, the then Composer-in-Residence of the ESO. Through the support of this program my husband and I both learned a tremendous amount about composition and orchestration. It was a fun and challenging project and both him and I continued our studies in music after high school. It was this project that brought my husband and I together and now we’ve been together for over 22 years and appreciate and support the arts, music and heritage here in Edmonton. I hope to see more projects that support young artists in their passions that also provide learning opportunities (perhaps being mentored by other more experienced artists, similar to the experience we had). It would be pretty wonderful and inspiring to see our own children involved in the arts in Edmonton in the future.

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Finding Love Through Music Photo

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