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Gibbard Block

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2018, Easter weekend, Edmonton. Giver Block, an Edmonton Historical Building, was being restored, and we went on tour while it was being built. Everything was in dire need of renovation. They had a bed in breakfast upstairs and it was incredible to see this place from Edmonton past. It was going to be restored to what it looked like in 1913 - all these shops, and suits. On the top there was a slanted ladder leading to the roof. Back in 1913, it had this glass roof, and they were essentially turn of the century sky lights - they had these light wells leading to the bathrooms to give them natural light, it was fascinating - and now the historical architect is going to restore it to its turn of the century sky lightness. Learning the history of these places, connects me to Edmonton in a way that makes me stop and look at the city where I live in a completely different and profound way.

Gibbard Block Photo

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